Selected FP in Neuro Ophthalmology

S.No FPNo Title Chief Author Presenting Author
1 FP142 Neuro-ophthalmic disorders associated with COVID-19 infection DR. VIDHYA C. DR. VIDHYA C.
2 FP187 Established and emerging risk factors of Non-Arteritic Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy(NAAION) DR. AARTHI V M MANO DR. AARTHI V M MANO
3 FP234 Assessment of retinal sensitivity and structural integrity in optic neuritis DR. MOHAMMAD RAGIB KHAN DR. MOHAMMAD RAGIB KHAN
4 FP262 Causes of papilledema in paediatric age group: A11-year hospital based study in Northeastern India Dr. HIRANMOYEE DAS Dr. HIRANMOYEE DAS
5 FP303 RHINO-ORBITO-CEREBRAL MUCORMYCOSIS-Presentation and Radiological Staging of 8 cases DR. ABISHA . DR. ABISHA .
6 FP324 Ethambutol Induced Optic Neuropathy - Another Conundrum DR. PINANK KHARKANDE DR. PINANK KHARKANDE
7 FP506 Clinical phenotype &Radiological findings of MOG IgG Associated Optic neuritis-Retrospective study DR. PRINCY M DR. PRINCY M
8 FP573 To start high dose IVMP for AQP4 and MOG ON is present dictum for visual recovery/outcome in ON pts. Dr. JAI GOPAL AGRAWAL Dr. JAI GOPAL AGRAWAL
10 FP771 GCL and IPL thickness in OCT: A better biomarker in toxic optic neuropathy DR. DIPANKAR DAS DR. DIPANKAR DAS
11 FP956 Macular microvascular and structural changes in NMOSD and MOGAD Dr.CHINMAY MAHATME Dr.CHINMAY MAHATME
12 FP1059 Optic nerve sheath diameter: normal cut-off value and role in diagnoses of papilledema Dr. SHUBASHREE KARAT DR. VYBHAVI RAO
13 FP1200 An Oct Based Study of Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer Changes in Migraine DR. PRANAY KUMAR DR. PRANAY KUMAR
14 FP1460 Eye_MG_Max/A Comprehensive Neuro-Ophthalmology 3D Touch Interface Application With Augmented Reality DR. PRASANNA VENKATESH RAMESH DR. PRASANNA VENKATESH RAMESH
15 FP1796 Challenges of diagnosing and treating optic neuritis - Indian Scenario Dr.DR. SHAFEENA P Dr.DR. SHAFEENA P
16 FP1923 Clinical spectrum of First Episode of Optic Neuritis in Tertiary Care Hospital in Southern India. Dr.DIPIKA SAINATH Dr.DIPIKA SAINATH
17 FP1986 Time is Brain: The unprecedented role of an ophthalmologist in diagnosis of stroke DR. RUHEL CHACKO DR. RUHEL CHACKO
18 FP2146 Colour vision testing - Is online smartphone app an alternative to traditional Ishihara handbook? DR. NAMRATA SHREE DR. NAMRATA SHREE
19 FP2168 OCT- the key to Dilemmas in disc edema Dr. NARAYANAN BALAKRISHNAN DR. REJO CYRIAC